Create Prints with Us

We are always in the lookout for additional creatives to join the team.

Graphic Studio Slovakia is currently looking for more members to work with us. We have limited vacancies for our studio membership. If this interests you, please submit to us your application form in writing. Please see the guideline below:

• A cover letter that expresses your interest and qualifications to join Graphic Studio Slovakia
• An updated resume or CV (kindly list down all your professional experiences in chronological order)
• A portfolio of your creative works, previous arts, and other design styles
Note: Submit at least a minimum of 5 printed original print work. Short descriptions regarding these arts and prints are encouraged.

Drop your application in person in our studio. Incomplete documents will not be entertained by the management.

A team of panelists will deliberate all applicants’ documents and find the right candidates for the job. They must exhibit excellence in printmaking and demonstrate good character for the work practice.

The hiring process takes about two weeks to a month. Successful applicants will then be notified within this timeframe via phone and email.

Members of Graphic Studio Slovakia will have complete access to the studio. They can use all tools and technology for their creative processing and enjoy the many benefits of being the forefront in the art industry.

Enroll in Our Art Courses

Graphic Studio Slovakia provides courses to interested art enthusiasts. These courses will be handled by our top experts in an environment that promotes learning and creativity. All students will have access to our arsenal of artistic tools and technology:

• Etching
• Bookbinding
• Letterpress
• Wood cut
• Lithography
• Monogram
• Carborundum
• Woodblock
• Printing

If you wish to develop your artistic prowess in etching, lithography, and so much more, we invite you to take the initial steps by enrolling with us.

Courses are offered bi-yearly: Spring or Summer and Autumn or Winter. You can pick from our three schedule offerings, week-long, four weeks, or six-week evening classes. From monoprint to letterpress, you have a wide range of creative courses to develop the skill and get started with your creative career.

We are accepting registrations for any of these creative classes. Contact us for more details or visit our website to find great discounts and promo codes.

Be up to date with all the courses available at Graphic Studio Slovakia. You can register on our mailing list or subscribe to our newsletter. Please feel free to sign-up for free on our Registration Form.