Behind the Scenes

Since its foundation, the studio has accommodated over hundreds of artists from Slovakia to around the world. They put their artistic prowess into a range of styles and media, producing limited editions print and sculpture multiples. Prints from Graphic Studio Slovakia have been used by corporate and private collections across countries. Some of them are also sheltered in leading museums.

Graphic Studio Slovakia practices a mix of traditional and modern printmaking techniques. From lithography and silkscreen to the use of pigment prints and major technology advances, we create a stunning vision out of bronze, steel, wood, and other less traditional scraps like basalt and resins.

We also offer creative solutions for any business branding and marketing challenges. Working with us gives you the chance to work with our large team of creatives. You get to learn from the industry’s bests with their hands-on service and thorough counseling for any of your creative pursuits. We make it our mission to help your business grow and look good in its industry.

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