Arts and Galleries

Graphic Studio Slovakia supports artists and printmakers in the industry. We give them a good venue to showcase their artistic prowess and earn a profit from their developed prints.

We have a pool of talented artists whom we’ve sheltered their previous works and staged their bests across a community of art enthusiasts in town. We regularly make exhibitions and events, and we can help you build the platform for your original crafts.

Talk to us to get started. We’ll take care of you and your artworks.

Fine Prints

Our growing number of artists translates to our growing number of fine prints. You can check them in our art exhibitions or browse through our collection on our website.

These great prints are our artists’ hard work and years of mastery. Many of our collections have been displayed in several establishments worldwide. We take pride in being the home of some of the world’s best art creations and a trusted studio to many artists in and outside of Slovakia.

You can purchase these prints at comfortable rates. Kindly contact us if any print interests you. We also provide discounts and promo codes for your benefit.

Graphic Design

Besides being a studio for galleries and exhibitions, we cultivate a team of flexible designers that are capable of providing graphic design solutions to any businesses.

We have the expertise and experience to provide advertisement and marketing campaigns, logo and branding, and other creative needs for a company. We don’t just print fine arts for display; we also help businesses grow with us.

We have worked with several rising and established enterprises in town. Our offerings include the following:

• Photography
• Videography
• Flyers
• Pamphlets
• Bookbinding
• Logo making
• Branding
• Advertising
• Marketing
• Calling cards
• Web designs
• Other digital solutions

Every business needs a good creative team to help establish their brand across their specific markets. Graphic Studio Slovakia lets you do that. We are a trusted brand for your digital solutions. Please make an arrangement to know how we can serve you better.

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